Trump Caught on Camera Acting Unpresidential. Will It Hurt His Administration?


Liberals, in particular the mainstream media, are watching President Trump’s every move, just hoping to catch him doing something that would put a black mark on his administration and hinder any hope of reelection.

Well, over the weekend he was indeed caught on camera doing something very unpresidential, at least in so far as the behavior of one Barack Obama was considered presidential.

Trump was boarding Marine One at Andrews Air Force Base when strong winds blew the hat off one of his Marine honor guards.

The entitled and arrogant Obama wouldn’t have given the situation a second thought as he climbed into the helicopter.

Oh, but not so with Trump, who holds our military men and women in highest regard.

Trump did what any average and patriotic American would have done – he stooped down, picked up the hat and tried to put it back on the Marine’s head.

And when the wind again blew the hat away, Trump AGAIN went to pick it up.

This is the most powerful man on earth, and he’s fussing over the well being of a guard whose name no one knows.

Obama claimed to be “everyone’s president,” but he was just pretending for the sake of approval ratings. With Trump, it’s the real deal.

Far from hurting Trump’s numbers or his hope for reelection, actions like this are certain to cement him as a favorite for most Americans.

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