Trump Calls For An End To ‘Woke War On Women’ At North Carolina Rally


Former President Donald Trump called for an end of the ‘woke war on women’ and likened the teaching of ‘far-left gender theories’ to child abuse at his North Carolina rally.

Trump was speaking in Selma on Saturday about how he wanted Republicans to take back both houses of Congress in 2022 and ban the discussion of ‘far-left gender theories,’ in addition to the teaching of Critical Race Theory.

‘A Republican Congress must stand up for parental rights and parental choice, I think that’s a good idea. No teacher should ever be allowed to teach far-left gender theories to our children without parental consent. It’s truly child abuse, plain and simple.’

He then honed in on the public education system, which he believes has ‘traded reading and math for pronouns and gender studies.’

Trump argued a Republican Congress should allow parents to send their children to any public, private or charter school of their choice.

‘Our government-run education system has forfeited the trust of American parents, they really, really have.’

The former president then pivoted to the Biden administration’s budget, which he says contains aspects of both racial and gender theories that Republicans must end.

‘Last week, the Biden administration sent Congress a budget crammed with billions and billions of dollars of transgenderism and so-called equity provisions that are nothing more than government-sponsored racism.’

He argued for the GOP to ‘end the woke war on women and children’ and end what he called ‘illegal government discrimination.’

The ex-president then demanded justice for the January 6 prisoners and for full protection of their civil rights, which he said was received by Antifa and Black Lives Matter ‘who murdered people throughout our country.’

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Trump did not specifically reference Florida’s ‘Parental Rights in Education’ law signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis last week. The law bans classroom lessons on sexuality, gender identity and sexual orientation ‘in a manner that is not age appropriate.’

The legislation has ignited tensions between state Republicans and Disney, which came out against it after employees at the company’s theme parks and studios staged walkouts over its lack of response.

Critics say the Florida law’s open-ended language, which also prevents ‘classroom discussion’ of LGBTQ issues, would prevent children from confiding in teachers if they feel unsafe because of their identity.

Republicans say it’s necessary to keep discussion of sensitive matters relegated to the home.

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The ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law has escalated tensions between Florida’s Republican legislature and Disney, a company that has enjoyed decades of support, and independence, from the state’s government.

The entertainment giant has come out against the bill after its employees staged walkouts and protests in opposition to the bill and Disney’s perceived silence.

Later in the speech, Trump took on another issue involving the trans community, specifically their participation in collegiate and youth sports, which he called ‘unfair to women.’

‘We will not have men participating in women’s spo… (Read more)

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