Trump Breaks Tradition While Boarding Air Force One, Reporters FURIOUS



President Trump took his first flight aboard Air Force One yesterday, and not everything went as expected.

But that’s not to say it didn’t go exactly as President Trump intended.

The offended parties are a bunch of whiney mainstream media reporters.

See if you can spot what they’re so upset about:

Apparently, it’s tradition for the president to “wave goodbye” to the reporters when boarding Air Force One.

But Trump couldn’t give two figs about the sensitivities of liberal reporters who spend all their time finding ridiculous ways to smear him.

And like the petulant little children they are, the reporters are having a literal temper tantrum over the incident.

Here’s CBS White House Correspondent Mark Knoller, for example:

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With every passing day, the mainstream media makes itself more irrelevant, and demonstrates precisely why most Americans prefer to hear directly from their president.

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