Trump Attacks the “Defund the Police” Movement and Politicians


Former President Trump said cities struggling with a rise in crime have to “give police back their authority.”

Fox News reporter Lawrence Jones asked Trump, during a Sunday interview at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that aired Monday on “Fox & Friends,” what he would do to “address the skyrocketing crime that’s going on.” 

Trump, after taking a swipe at the Democratic-controlled cities of Chicago, New York and Los Angeles for their high crime rates, said the answer is to “give the police back their authority.”… (Read more)


Transcript via Fox News:

LAWRENCE JONES, FOX & FRIENDS ENTERPRISE REPORTER:  Mr. President, thank you so much for agreeing to interview.
JONES:  Let’s start with crime, right? This — these are the numbers right now. Twenty-twenty — this is from the FBI. Murders are up 24 percent — almost 25 percent.
What would you do to address the skyrocketing crime that’s going on? Many of these crimes are happening in local communities.
TRUMP:  Yes.
JONES:  So what is the agenda on that issue, specifically?
TRUMP:  So, as I’ve heard you say, all Democrat states — all — if you look at, as an example, Chicago — Illinois is very bad — but Chicago. Take a look at the numbers. It’s — they had 260 people shot on Fourth of July weekend.
New York, through the roof. No more cash bail, no more anything. All they do is go after Republicans.
Take a look at Los Angeles — what’s going on in Los Angeles with the crime — and Oakland and Baltimore.
What you have to do is you have to give the police back their authority. Now, some people say well, that’s a terrible thing. What’s terrible is in Chicago you have 200 — think of it — 260 people were shot last — 260 people.
In Afghanistan, you don’t have 260 people shot. In fact, by the way, in the last year in Afghanistan, we didn’t lose one soldier. And I started the move out and I don’t like what’s happening the way Biden is doing it, either.
JONES:  We’ll talk about that.
TRUMP:  And we’ll — I’d love to talk to you about it because it’s not good.
But we didn’t have a person shot. We didn’t have one soldier killed in Afghanistan for over a year.
And you have 260 with many dying in Chicago. And New York is through the roof — the crimes, the shooting — what’s going on in New York. New York is totally out of control.
You have to give the police back their authority.

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