Trump Announces New Anti-Terror Policy, Leaving ISIS and Other Jihadists Shaking In Their Boots


President Trump let loose something his advisers probably wished he had kept to himself — a new policy for effectively dealing with Muslim terrorism.

You can always tell when the real Donald Trump is tweeting, as opposed to “official” tweets at least partially crafted by his staff.

In the aftermath of the Barcelona terror attack last week, the president’s initial Twitter post was measured:

About an hour later, Trump posted another tweet with a somewhat different tone:

Trump was referencing a story that he’s trotted out before when addressing the problem of jihadist violence against the West.

According to the legend, Gen. “Black Jack” Pershing, who was the military governor of a particularly violent province in the Philippines in the nearly 1900s, executed captured Muslim terrorists with bullets dipped in pig’s blood as a deterrence to future attacks.

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That particular story has been labeled untrue by scholars and historians.

HOWEVER, accounts from Pershing’s own memoirs titled My Life Before the World War , 1860-1917 acknowledge that American military commanders in the Philippines at that time did indeed exploit the Muslims’ fear of being desecrated by swine.

In particular, jihadists killed by American forces would be buried with pig carcasses, which according to Islamic Sharia Law would prevent them from ascending to paradise.

It was a practice supported by Pershing and his superiors.

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So, while the exact details of the story used by Trump might be wrong, the fact that we’ve got a president ready and willing to call upon politically-incorrect, but proven methods of dealing with terror has got to have ISIS and other jihadist groups shaking in their boots.

Source: The Daily Caller

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