Trump Allies In Congress Plans To Challenge Election Results


A group of House Republicans is planning one last attempt to reverse the results of the election and keep President Trump in the White House by challenging the Electoral College vote tally as it is counted by Congress and certified by the vice president on Jan. 6.

According to The New York Times, the new strategy is being spearheaded by Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) and involves challenging the election results in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia and Wisconsin, all states that Joe Biden won and where some Republicans have baselessly claimed voter fraud and illegal voting took place.

In an interview with the Times, Brooks said, “We have a superior role under the Constitution than the Supreme Court does, than any federal court judge does, than any state court judge does.”

“What we say, goes. That’s the final verdict,” Brooks added.

The Times noted that the long-shot effort from the GOP members to reverse the election would put Vice President Pence, who has the constitutional duty to declare a winner, in a tough spot.

“The role the V.P. plays in the transition is something that people have never focused on and never think about, but with Donald Trump, you now have to consider all the possibilities,” Gregory Craig, an Obama-era White House counsel, told the newspaper.

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