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Trucking Industry Faces Rising Diesel Prices, Experts Say Potential Shortage On The Horizon – 47Abc


Owner Kenneth Rantz tells us, even with that many years in business he never thought fuel would become the industry’s biggest expense. “We try to give our drivers a fair wage and the fuel prices keep going up every week,” Rantz said. “Usually the drivers will fill a truck up at about a quarter of a tank and it will cost about $800 or $900.”

According to AAA, the average cost of diesel fuel in Maryland is now almost $6. The Maryland Motor Truck Association says many factors contribute to the increase, with supply and demand topping the list. “Certainly we have reduced refining capacity here in the United States. Particularly on the East Coast, we only have 7 refineries now which is 50% of what it was just 15 years ago,” President/CEO of Maryland Motor Truck Association Louis Campion said.

It’s something that could lead to a diesel fuel shortage. “I have seen some memos from companies that are telling drivers to fill up every night no matter what. Whether they need it or not,” Campion said. “That actually exacerbates the challenges associated with a shortage.”

That shortage could also limit the amount of fuel s… (Read more)

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