Troubling Connection Found Between DC Shooter and Tim Kaine


Terrorism struck our nation’s capital on Wednesday, and congressional Democrats are as much to blame for it as anyone else. Perhaps more so.

Does anyone remember when Sen. Tim Kaine openly called for liberals to “fight in the streets” against Republicans and the Trump Administration?

Sure, Kaine was still upset over being trounced at the ballot box as Hillary Clinton’s running mate. And it’s entirely possibly he didn’t mean for liberals to actually resort to physical violence.

But when you say something like that, you’ve got to take into account how other people will interpret it. And, sure enough, there were some liberals who heard Kaine’s statement as a literal call to arms.

We now know that the DC shooter first asked if the people he was about to attack were Republicans or Democrats, just to make sure he was shooting the right folks.

So, what we’re left with is either that Kaine knowingly incited violence against Republicans, or that he’s too dumb to realize that seemingly innocent statements can be deadly.

Either way, thank God he’s not in the White House.

H/T USA Politics Today

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