Troops HUMILIATE Obama By Doing 1 Thing For Trump They Never Did For Him


Donald Trump spent this Saturday at the Army-Navy football game to honor our troops.

The military did just one thing for Trump that they never would for Obama — the crowd left just about everyone shocked.

For those unaware, this weekend hosted the 117th Army-Navy Game today in Baltimore, Maryland.

Although Barack Obama only made it to one of the nine games he could have attended (the eight years as president plus one as president-elect), Donald Trump is already putting the man to shame by going to the first one he could in an official position.


According to The Gateway Pundit, “The TROOPS – cadets and midshipmen – erupted as Trump entered the stadium today!”

Making it perfectly clear that our brave men and women in uniform are ecstatic to have a leader that loves this country and supports our military again, just about everyone in the stands was jumping up and down and cheering.


As could be heard by the crowd at one point, one saying swept the audience with even the commentators noting the booming “Make America Great Again” chant being repeated over and over again:

AMAZING! God bless our Troops!

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