‘Trilogy Of Radical Policy’: Lindsey Graham Says Three Democratic Bills Mean America ‘Will Not Be The Nation You Remember’


Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday that a trio of Democratic bills passed by the House could radically change America.

“This is a trilogy of radical policy and I hope the American people are paying attention because if you’re not, you’re going to wake up in a few years and your country will not be the nation you remember it being,” Graham told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

The senator first attacked the $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus bill that was passed by the Senate early Saturday.

“They are going to run us over. This is out of control liberalism and in this bill … most of the money’s not spent this year: 90% of it has nothing to do with COVID,” Graham said, noting that the legislation will forgive loans for farmers but only if they’re “socially disadvantaged, if you’re African-American, some other minority, but if you’re a white person, if you’re a white woman, no forgiveness as reparations. What does that got to do with COVID?”

Biden’s stimulus package offers $1,400 direct payments to Americans earning $75,000 or less, or $2,800 to married couples with a combined salary of $150,000 or less. There are also $1,400 payments for each child livin… (Read more)

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