Trey Gowdy DEMOLISHED FBI For “Conspiring” Against President Trump – Rod Rosenstein Got The Worst Of It


Trey Gowdy shows once again that you simply cannot go away with irregularities especially when you are official and go against the President.

During the most recent hearing in the House Judiciary, Trey Gowdy absolutely demolished Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the reason is his reasonless standoff against President Trump.

“The reason we have special counsel is because of a conflict of interest. We don’t like conflicts of interest because it undermines people’s confidence in both the process and the result,” said Gowdy.

“And then, lo and behold, those that are supposed to make sure there are no conflicts of interest seem to have a bit of their own,” he added.

After this, Gowdy went of Fox News to bash the FBI some more, “This is a really bad fact pattern,” he said. “I hate it for Rod Rosenstein that he’s the one explaining it because he’s not [FBI official] Peter Strzok, and he’s not [Deputy FBI Director] Andy McCabe, and he’s not [former FBI Director] Jim Comey, so he’s having to do a little bit of clean up. But these are really bad facts if you care about an impartial, objective Department of Justice and FBI,” explained Gowdy.

“I’m still trying to figure out why three FBI agents are discussing politics in the Deputy Director’s office, because you’re not supposed to discuss politics on federal ground and FBI agents aren’t supposed to engage in politics for Hatch Act reasons,” added Gowdy.

“But the notion that three bureau agents would be conspiring or plotting on how to handle the outcome of a presidential election is the opposite of what you want in an objective, dispassionate, neutral FBI,” he explained.

Trey Gowdy is right as always. What he just said will haunt Rosenstein for the rest of his miserable career.


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