Trey Gowdy: Democrats Chose The ‘Dumbest’ Possible Impeachment Article To Bring Against Trump


House Democrats chose the “dumbest of all impeachment articles” to bring against former President Donald Trump last month, Fox News contributor Trey Gowdy told “America Reports” Monday.

With the Senate trial set to begin Tuesday, Democrats are preparing their case against the former president on a single article of “incitement of insurrection” at the U. S. Capitol Jan. 6. Their focus will be less on convincing their Republican Senate colleagues, and more on swaying the “court of public opinion,” Gowdy explained.

“I think the Democrats, in their haste to impeach this president for the second time, picked the weakest of their arguments,” the former House Oversight Commitee chairman told host John Roberts.

“I’m not suggesting they would’ve been successful on another argument, but a much better argument is, ‘OK, you were surprised the siege took place, what did you do when you learned it was happening?'” Go… (Read more)

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