Trey Gowdy Completely Eviscerates Cocky CNN Host… On Her Own Show!


During an on air interview with Representative Trey Gowdy (Republican, South Carolina), CNN host Erin Burnett got schooled. She stupidly tried to stir the pot when she brought up a comment that was made recently by President Donald Trump regarding his faith. Unfortunately for the unprepared CNN host, Gowdy knew a little more about the Constitution and religion than she did. Does that really surprise you though?

During a rally this week President Trump stated, “you’ve heard me say it before on the campaign trail, and I’ll say it again tonight. In America, we don’t worship government, we worship God.”

The Blaze reported that Burnett decided to come out with, “now conservative Bill Kristol, you know him. He’s been critical of the president before, but on this he tweets, ‘In America the president doesn’t tell us who or what or whether to worship.’”

She then asked the question, “who do you agree with, Bill Kristol or the president who just came out and definitively said in America we worship God?”

Gowdy came to the interview prepared, and obviously has done more research on the subject that Burnett ever has. He stated, “how about choice ‘C,’ our founding fathers who gave us a First Amendment which is a free exercise right but also a freedom to have no religion if that’s what we want.”

He went on to say, “there is no established religion in this country, that’s why we have an Establishment Clause. The president is welcome to share his faith, it’s been done by other presidents. Jimmy Carter did it, John F. Kennedy did it.”

He finished up by saying, “if President Trump wants to share his faith, more power to him, but our country recognizes all religions including no religion.”

Burnett’s stunned face says it all. And to make it even better, this isn’t the first time that Burnett has been hypercritical of President Trump’s Christian faith. In the past she has displayed shock towards Christians praying with President Trump and performing a “laying on of the hands” ritual like it was completely foreign to her… but I’m sure throwing a mat down on the ground and praying to Allah is totally normal in her eyes.

It’s time for these CNN anchors to stop acting like they know all and take a lesson here and there. Luckily, Gowdy was prepared for Burnett’s question and answered perfectly. Maybe next time she’ll think before trying to bash the President of our country.

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