Tree-Huggers CHEERING: Supreme Court Orders Eviction of 1 MILLION People to Protect Forests


Environmentalists are often so dedicated to protecting nature that they’ll put human beings (who are part of nature) in mortal danger to do so.

Somehow, advocates of this type of environmental protection got to the Supreme Court in India, which has now ordered the eviction of ONE MILLION people to protect local wildlife.

The Washington Post reports:

“India’s Supreme Court has ordered its government to evict a million people from their homes — for the good of the country’s wildlife.

“The ruling, issued Wednesday, was a startling conclusion to a decade-long case that has pitted the rights of some of India’s most vulnerable citizens against the preservation of its forests.

“The court told the government to evict over a million people — mostly members of indigenous tribes — from their homes in public forest land because they had not met the legal criterion to live there.”

There seems to be little-to-no concern for what is to become of these million people, the vast majority of whom do not have the financial means to start life over somewhere else.

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