Transgender Boys DESTROY Girls at High School Track Meet


What a surprise.

Biological boys pretending to be girls absolutely dominated a girls’ high school track meet.

And everyone acted as though this was entirely acceptable.

Welcome to the notion of “equality” in our hyper-liberal society.

The competition in question took place in Connecticut, where Bulkeley High School sophomore Terry Miller broke records in the 100 and 200-meter events.

Records that had stood since 1997.

Of course, Miller wasn’t playing by the same rules that applied 20 years ago.

Just last year, Miller had competed as a boy. Maybe he didn’t like how that ended, so this year, Miller decided to be a girl, and crushed the competition.

Second place in both races also went to a biological boy, Andraya Yearwood, who hasn’t even bothered to undergo horomonal treatment.

But the really shocking part is how this is being casually swallowed as the new normal by everyone involved.

One of the girls who lost the races told the Connecticut Post: “To be honest, I think it’s great they get a chance to compete and as long as they’re happy, I guess, there’s not that much I can do. The rules are the rules. The only competition is the clock. You can only run as fast as you can.”

God help us.

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