Transgender Boy Does the UNTHINKABLE at Girls’ Wrestling Match… This is Actually HAPPENING


I don’t know if American liberals realize it, but the most of the rest of the world is laughing at them for how they’ve turned reality on its head with all this transgender nonsense.

What’s ironic is that liberals insist on appealing to science when it comes to matters of religious faith, but are ready to throw biology out the window if a boy feels like being a girl.

And the following story just shows how ridiculously far this farce has been allowed to go.

Breitbart reports:

Mack Beggs, a 17-year-old transgender boy, has defeated his female opponent in the first round of match in the Texas state wrestling tournament.

Controversially, Beggs is competing against girls because the state’s governing policy for athletics requires students to wrestle against the gender listed on their birth certificates.

Beggs reached the tournament after two opponents forfeited rather than wrestle him in the regional tournament.

Beggs was born a girl. But decided to become a boy. So she/he has been undergoing intensive testosterone treatments.

That means Beggs is a LOT stronger and more beefy than the average girl her/his age.

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But because Beggs is listed as female on her/his birth certificate, she/he effectively gets a free pass to the state championship by being pitted against other girls.

How is this actually happening?!

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