Top Restaurant Chain Insults US Army Vets


Political correctness is TOTALLY out of control these days.

Want proof? One of America’s favorite restaurant chains, Dave & Buster’s, recently demanded a couple of customers wearing American Legion jackets remove them because the patches promoted GANG ACTIVITY!



American Legion officers say they were told they weren’t permitted to wear their affiliated jackets at a Dave & Buster’s in Michigan because they showed evidence of gang affiliation.

Victor Murdock and Adrienne Brown of the American Legion Riders Post 179 out of Grandville say they were told they couldn’t wear their vests inside the Kentwood restaurant. The vests have patches of the American flag, the Prisoner of War flag and a bald eagle.

The Texas-based company said in a statement that the group was asked to remove the jackets or turn them inside out because the business’ dress code prohibits evidence of gang affiliation. Spokeswoman April Spearman said the policy was in place “to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy themselves in a fun and safe environment.”

Murdock and Brown said they were confused as to how an American flag and a bald eagle symbol were somehow encouraging GANG affiliation.

The reality is that the American Legion was founded by an ACT OF CONGRESS following World War I, and remains one of our top associations for military veterans.

Folks, this is the kind of nonsense that DEMANDS a boycott.

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