Top Pastor Tells Christians to Stop Supporting Trump


Has our bitter disappointment with the previous administration made us as Christians too forgiving of President Trump’s own flaws?

Or is it folly to expect any national leader to be truly righteous, and we must instead focus on the positive aspects of what the current administration can and is doing?

Pastor Max Lucado, a prominent evangelical pastor, doesn’t understand why so many fellow Christians think that it’s OK to so enthusiastically support President Trump.

And he’s especially bothered by Trump calling himself a Christian, even as he, in Lucado’s estimation, behaves no better than a raucous middle-schooler.

In interview with NPR, Lucado said:

I would not have said anything about Mr. Trump, never — I would never have said anything if he didn’t call himself a Christian. It’d be none of my business whatsoever to make any comments about his language, his vulgarities, his slander of people, but I was deeply troubled … that here’s a man who holds up a Bible one day, and calls a lady “bimbo” the next. Here’s a man who calls himself a Christian and yet just has the audacity to make fun of a lady’s menstrual cycle. … He didn’t just do this on occasion, but repeatedly, unrepentantly. Somebody sent me a list of 64 people he’s called loser. Just this week it’s continued.

I’m curious why we’re giving him a free pass on this behavior. Typically, evangelicals have tried to hold our leaders up, if they call themselves Christians, to a standard consistent with the faith and then of course consistent with whatever office they hold. But it seems like we’re more than willing to give Mr. Trump a free pass. The classic one was in Iowa when he was asked, “Do you ever ask for forgiveness of sins?” and he said, “No, I don’t need to.” I nearly fell out of my chair. That’s right at the heart and core of the Christian faith, that we’re all sinners, we all need forgiveness of sins.

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