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Top Mideast Leader Just Dropped Bombshell About Obama and Trump


As President Trump puts the pieces in place to effect his Middle East policies, what former Iraqi VP Ayad Allawi has to say needs to be heard.

It’s a story of betrayal and of hope that’s going to leave liberals and Democrats with their jaws on the floor.

Barack Obama entered the White House touting his ability to heal the rifts between America and the Arab Muslim world.

But Allawi told Fox News that Obama ended up doing the exact opposite.

“America has lost a lot of potential friends here in the region,” he said, pointing to Obama’s sudden and premature withdrawal of US forces from Iraq, a move that led to a power vacuum that was quickly filled by the likes of ISIS.

And the Iraqis blaming Obama for their current troubles is not the only shocker Allawi had for Democrats.

President Trump’s opponents try to paint him as a racist bigot who hates Arab Muslims most of all.

But Allawi and many others in the Middle East see in Trump hope for the future.

“I look forward to what the new administration will do,” he said. “We don’t want to see more American power here, we don’t want to see more American troops here, we don’t want to see more Americans being killed here in this country. But we need the political leverage of the U.S. to help Iraq and to develop Iraq.”

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Source: Fox News

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