Top Medical Expert Delivers Blow to Abortion Activists, With Trump’s Help


In order to justify abortion, its advocates first need to dehumanize the practice’s unborn victims.

If a fetus can independently feel pain, then it must be considered a person. So, abortion activists claim that fetuses don’t feel pain, not independently.

But an actual expert on the matter, Dr. Maureen Condic, says otherwise.

Widely recognized as a leading authority on neural development, Dr. Condic has publicly and repeatedly testified regarding fetal pain, especially during abortion procedures.

Needless to say, abortion activists who suddenly care little for science when it’s disrupting their pet agenda absolutely hate Dr. Condic.

And so, in his typical fashion, President Donald Trump has chosen none other than Dr. Condic to sit on his administration’s science advisory board.

President Trump has clearly identified himself as being pro-life, and this move is a clear shot across the bows of the pro-choice movement.

Via Life News

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