Top Judge Speaks Out About Obama’s ‘Stunning’ Behavior… Americans SHOCKED


We all knew Obama was a lier. I guess we didn’t realize just how bad it was…

A top federal judge has published a 19-page opinion that slams former President Obama’s administration for its “stunning deceptions.”

US District Court Judge Andrew Hanen called the lies the Obama Administration spewed in his courtroom “nothing short of stunning.”

He was referring to a showdown two years ago when DOJ lawyers promised that the administration would refrain from implementing Obama’s executive order to grant amnesty to numerous illegal immigrants until the judge could review the merits of the case.

The lawyers, acting on Obama’s behalf, lied. And amnesty was granted without the court’s approval.

Hanen at the time slapped sanctions on the DOJ and called out their lies.

But that didn’t stop Obama and his lawyers from just months later AGAIN granting amnesty to illegals without court approval.

“In July 2016,” Hanen wrote, “the federal government had once again violated the federal court’s injunction prohibiting the implementation of President Obama’s executive amnesty plan.”

Hanen has since withdrawn some of his sanctions, but wants all Americans to know how the Obama Administration deceived them and acted in a criminal manner to impose Barry’s agenda.

Let’s SHARE this and make sure everyone knows what Obama did, and the mess President Trump now needs to clean up!

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H/T Conservative Tribune

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