Top House Dem Pressures Hotel, Travel Companies To Deny Service To ‘Extremists’ Ahead Of Inauguration


House Oversight Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney on Thursday sent letters to numerous travel and lodging companies asking that they take steps to prevent President Trump’s supporters from being easily able to travel to Washington, D. C., for President-elect Biden’s inauguration next week.

The letters sent by Maloney, D-N. Y., cite action already taken by Airbnb canceling all reservations in D.C. for inauguration week. They also note steps by some companies after the Oklahoma City bombing to “deny extremists access to their services.”


Maloney laments that before the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol, which drove Vice President Mike Pence and hundreds of lawmakers into hiding, “thousands of President Trump’s supporters descended on Washington, D. C., to attend a rally, answering the President’s call to ‘Be there. Will be Wild!'”

“While the inciters and attackers bear direct responsibility for the siege on the Capitol and will be held fully accountable, they relied on a range of companies and services to get them there and house them once they arrived—companies that law-abiding Americans use every day, but whose services were hijacked to further the January 6 attacks,” Maloney said in the letter.

She added: “Trump supporters chartered scores of buses and vans and drove in caravans to the nation’s capital. They stayed in D. C. hotels, with videos showing attackers relaxing in the lobby of one hotel after the insurrection.”

Maloney specifically asks companies to “put in place additional screening measures to ensure that your services are not being used to facilitate violen… (Read more)

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