Top Hollywood Actor Insults Every American For Electing Trump


Hollywood elites continue to think they can tell the American people how to vote. And then to insult every American when elections don’t go their way.

One of the biggest Tinseltown snowflakes to flex his anti-Trump muscles has been Martin Sheen.

Sheen is currently shooting the PBS series Anne of Green Gables in Canada. And during a recent press briefing, Sheen said he was simply “giddy” about leaving behind the “land of lunatics.”

Breitbart reports:

Speaking to reporters at the Television Critics Association in Beverly Hills, Sheen was asked to share his thoughts on the Trump administration.

“We were doing so well without any mention of that dark force,” Sheen said, referring to President Trump, according to Deadline. “So let’s leave it right there where it belongs. I don’t want to give him any more air time than we have to.”

But only moments after avoiding comment about Trump, the former West Wing star hinted that he enjoys filming outside of the United States, away from what he called the “land of lunatics.”

When asked about filming Anne of Green Gables in Ontario, Canada, Sheen said “I’m always delighted.. so relieved to leave The Land of Lunatics.”

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again–being a true American patriot means you love this country NO MATTER WHAT.

Hollywood liberals like Sheen don’t really love America. They just love getting their own way, they love pushing their agenda.

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And so long as election results enable them to do so, then they love America. But as soon as the American people elect someone they don’t like, folks like Sheen start bad-mouthing this country.

If they dislike the real America so much, I know that I for one would happily pitch in to buy Sheen a one-way plane ticket to Canada or any other liberal haven he desires. Never to return.

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