Top Democrats Just Boycotted America, and Now They’ll Lose the Next Election


Democrats keep telling us that support for Israel is a bipartisan affair.

But, when it came time to really put action to their words, the Democratic leadership was nowhere to be found.

The thing is that for the vast majority of Americans, backing Israel is pretty bipartisan, at least when it comes to getting elected.

So, with Republicans being handed a golden opportunity to paint Democrats as anti-Israel, they’ve got a great chance of defeating them in the next congressional elections.

In fact, they can even bolster the argument that Democrats are rank hypocrites.

You see, Democrats were right there alongside Republicans in voting for the 1995 Jerusalem Act obligating the government to move the US Embassy to Israel’s actual capital city.

Well, this past week that law was finally fulfilled when the Trump Administration inaugurated the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

And you know what? Not a single Democratic congressional leader was in attendance, despite the fact that they were all invited.

The take-away here is that Democrats voiced support for Israel when it was politically convenient to do so. But, the moment they actually had to stand behind those words, the Democrats all slinked away like the snakes they are.

And that amounts to a boycott of the will of the American people at large.

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