Top Democrat Dragged Away From Kavanaugh Confirmation in Handcuffs


Democrats have become so hysterically anti-Trump that they are increasingly resorting to blatant criminal activity to block the president’s agenda.

It’s gotten so bad that they definitely don’t deserve to any longer use the name “democrat,” because this behavior is anything but democratic.

The raucous confirmation proceedings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh have provided the backdrop for the latest examples of their shameful conduct.

Earlier this week, Capitol Police arrested a well-known Democratic Party figure who was about to leak private information about Republican senators that he had obtained illegally.

Jackson Cosko had managed to steal personal information–including not just contact details, but private conversations via email and social media–from the top GOP senators pushing for Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

But what’s really telling about this story is just how widely known, respected and utilized Cosko was by the leading Democratic figures who are opposing Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Cosko recently worked for Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas). Before that he worked for Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Sen. Maggie Hassan and former Sen. Barbara Boxer.

In other words, this slimy weasel was a known commodity among the Democratic Party’s top power brokers for a very long time. And they like him enough to keep giving him jobs in our nation’s halls of power.

So, while these same Dems are now condemning Cosko’s alleged illegal activity, their previously vouching for him as a worthy and respectable job candidate kind of calls into question the sincerity of the current outrage.

H/T Fox News

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