Top Country Music Star Delivers EPIC Tribute to Fallen Soldiers


During the Obama years, it was out of fashion to respect and be proud of our military men and women.

In fact, many people began to despise those in uniform. But some, like country music star Brantley Gilbert, bucked that trend and proudly stood with our troops.

Now that President Trump is in office and a new attitude toward the military has gripped the nation, stars like Gilbert are again taking center stage.

Recently, Gilbert performed his hit song “One Hell of an Amen” to honor fallen soldiers and give a bit of comfort to their families.

Even as powerful as his song was, it was Gilbert’s words to the families that brought a tear to every eye:

“My support for the military, I don’t want you to think it’s from the sympathetic stance, it’s not. It’s more respect … I have more respect for you all than you’ll know. I appreciate what you did, and what you continue to do. It was amazing to see how much that sacrifice meant. Not just paying the ultimate price, but just making the sacrifice to go.”

In an earlier interview with local media, Gilbert was asked to explain the meaning of the song.

The testimony is POWERFUL:

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