Top California Democrat Takes Leave of Absense Admid Sexual Misconduct Allegation


Oh uh!

It looks like another Dem is getting caught in the #meeto web.

Top California Democrat Eric Bauman will take a leave of absence during the holidays, as a sexual allegation against him is underway.

From washingtonexaminer.com

The California Democratic Party announced Monday that chairman Eric Bauman will take a leave of absence until an outside investigation concludes examining allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

The decision was made after Bauman used the “the holiday weekend to consider the most constructive path forward for the work of the California Democratic Party,” according to California Democratic Party spokesperson Mike Roth.

“Chair Bauman believes this decision is the best way to ensure the independence and integrity of the process,” Roth said in a statement. “The Party is confident that the procedures in place will allow for all parties to come forward freely and provide for a thorough and complete review.”

The second-vice chair of the California Democratic Party Daraka Larimore-Hall sent a letter to the party last week claiming that Bauman “sexually harassed, and in some cases sexually assaulted, individuals during Party functions,” but did not share specific details.

“I believe the victims. Their stories illustrate a clear and escalating pattern of Chairman Bauman’s horrific and dehumanizing behavior,” Larimore-Hall wrote, according to the Sacramento Bee. “This is unacceptable for a political organization dedicated to feminism, human rights and just working conditions. Our activists and voters look to us as a force for social change, and we must embody the values we fight for in society.”

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