Top Black Sheriff Drops TRUTH BOMB on White Liberal Democrats


White liberal Democrats love to talk up their involvement with the black community.

But what that involvement amounts to is calculated oppression, according to Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

Clarke, an outspoken black Republican, has become a hero of the conservative movement.

And he’s strongly urging fellow African-Americans to throw off the self-imposed yolk of the liberal Democratic movement.

From WND:

Black Democratic leadership “would rather carry water for the liberal and progressive agenda than fight for their own people,” Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, author of the new “Cop Under Fire” is warning.

In an interview with WND, Clarke, who is adored by many on the right for his unapologetic tough talking and his full-throated defense of police during high-profile shootings, said he believes it is no coincidence the most dangerous cities in America are all led politically by Democrats.

The sheriff claims opportunistic Democrats and white liberals are capitalizing on an emerging black underclass by perpetuating and exacerbating the problems plaguing the black community.

“Lifestyle choices – having multiple kids out of wedlock or by different fathers and mothers, failure to embrace education, not staying consistently in the work force” are stifling social mobility among blacks, Clarke explained. “People on the left are embracing these lifestyle choices as if they are some sort of virtue.”

“I am not talking about the entire black community, but I am talking about an emerging underclass, where these fatal lifestyle choices are taking hold – things like gang involvement, drug and alcohol abuse. Those are negative aspects of the culture and it’s baited by white liberals.”

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