Top American Clothing Company Wants YOUR Kids to Dress Like Muslims


One of America’s top clothing stores, especially among youth and young adults, is trying its damnedest to get your kids to dress like Muslims.

Yes, seriously.

American Eagle Outfitters has perhaps the most patriotic-sounding name possible, but if its latest ad campaign is any indication, the company has gone the way of liberal globalism.

The company recently began selling a “denim hijab.” You know, that head covering that women living under Sharia Law must wear on pain of death.

American Eagle said it was trying to capitalize on the “popularity” of Islam in America. Let that sink in for a moment.

To promote this bizarre product, the company hired the winner of the 2016 Miss Minnesota pageant, a Muslim girl named Halima Aden.

Aden competed in the pageant waring a “burkini” and hijab, and American Eagle apparently took that as a sign that all American girls would soon want to dress that way.

Needless to say, Americans were not impressed.

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H/T Conservative Tribune

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