Top Actress Tells Hollywood Elites to STOP B**CHING About Trump


Now this is refreshing. Is it too much to ask this level of sanity from all liberal Hollywood elites?

This week’s SAG Awards was, predictably, filled with anti-Trump acceptance speeches.

But one voice stood apart – that of actress Taraji P. Henson.

While Henson is no supporter of Trump, neither is she all that impressed with the idiotic behavior of most Hollywood elites and liberals across the country.

In accepting an award for her role in “Hidden Figures,” Henson urged liberals to stop b**ching about President Trump, and instead offer reasonable solutions to help make America great.

Whether you fully agree with her or not, Henson’s was a speech that all Americans can get behind. And that’s rare with most of today’s Hollywood stars.

Interestingly, that particular award was presented by Nicole Kidman, who has similarly encouraged fellow celebrities to GET A GRIP and move on with their lives.

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