Tomi Lahren Blames Democrat Leaders For Unemployment Fraud Costing Billions


Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren blasted California leadership for reports that unemployment fraud in the state has reached at least $20 billion Friday on “Final Thoughts.”

“Ya know, I’ve always said the state of California coddles felons and criminals, but this latest revelation takes that coddling, cuddling and canoodling to a whole new and very expensive level,” she said.

Lahren went on to note that the fraudulent payouts account for more than 11% of all benefits given out since the start of the pandemic.

The fraudulent payouts, Lahren said, happened when “big government recklessly approve[d] huge expansions and extensions of unemployment benefits in an attempt to make up for the COVID economic lockdowns, shutdowns, mandates and infringements also hastily and stupidly put into place by…you guessed it…big government.”

California was not the only state that experienced unemployment fraud during the pandemic.

“This kind of crap didn’t just happen in California,” Lahren said. “Nationwide, at least $87 billion in fraudulent payments was approved by states.”

In Arizona, she said, scammers “were able to nab at … (Read more)

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