Tom Selleck Released Heartbreaking News – He Needs Our Prayers!


Tom Selleck’s publicist announced some very sad news. The actor’s beloved mother, Martha, passed away.

She was 96-years-old. Tom is a proud Christian and will certainly be leaning on his faith as he grieves his mom.

From 1998-2016 Mrs. Selleck was the President of Motion Picture Mothers organization, which makes charitable contributions to Motion Picture & Television Fund. The Fund runs a home and hospital for retired members of the industry.

Tom was close to his mother. While getting his star on the Walk of Fame, he said, “She’s always been there and always been very fair — even when she said, ‘Wait till your father gets home,’ which usually was for good reason. And she made great cherry pie.”

Mrs. and Mr. Selleck asked their three children not to drink, swear, or smoke until they were 21. At age 21, each child received a gold watch to commemorate this promise.


The video below has more information on the Selleck family’s loss.

What a wonderful mother!

Please share this if you are praying for the Selleck family!

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