Tiffany Trump vs Malia Obama… It’s No Contest, Really


There’s going to be a lot of comparisons between the incoming and outgoing administrations. And a big one is going to be how Tiffany Trump stacks up to Malia Obama.

Why is this important? Because a child’s behavior is a reflection of his or her upbringing, of the values instilled by that child’s parents.

And when it comes to Tiffany vs Malia, it’s really no contest.

TruthMonitor had a great write up on the comparison:

*”Tiffany Trump…has been kept hidden from the public for much of her life. …Now, Tiffany is looking at becoming the next First Daughter, and when comparing her to Malia Obama, it’s clear that she will be the far better role model for young women across America.*

*”Tiffany’s upbringing has given her a sense of humility that Malia will never have. While Malia grew up in privilege, traveling around the world with her freeloading parents on the dime of American taxpayers, Tiffany was kept sheltered from the elite world of her father.*

*”Instead of staying in New York City, where her dad is basically king, Tiffany grew up in Calabasas, California. There, she was treated like a regular kid being raised by a single mother.*

*”When Tiffany was 17, she was living the normal life of any other American teenager. Malia, however, has already started mooching off her father for jobs and social boosts. Last summer, Malia scored her first major Hollywood internship at the age of 16. This year, Malia is working in Hollywood once again, but this time she’s interning on the set of the X-rated television series Girls.”*

For those unfamiliar, Girls is an HBO series that is basically soft-core porn.

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