Thursday Night Football Ratings Crash 24%, Fox Doubleheader Down 20% As League Viewership Tanks


There was a time when Bill Belichick, the Patriots, and a Super Bowl rematch with the high-octane offense of the Los Angeles Rams, would translate into a massive rating night for the networks.

That time is over.

The Week 14 Thursday night clash between the Patriots and the Rams, a game which turned into a lopsided rout in favor of the Rams, earned 13.64 million viewers, a 24 percent decline.

Perhaps, even more, disappointing for the league, the Fox doubleheader on Sunday afternoon, which normally performs relatively well, bombed. Despite featuring Aaron Rodgers, good media markets, and two teams in playoff contention, the Eagles-Saints and Packers-Lions matchups only fetched 22.52 million viewers, a 20 percent decline.

The doubleheader normally does well considering it doesn’t take place in primetime, and the television competition is lighter. However, that did not play out in the NFL’s favor in Week 14.

The Week 14 ratings come … (Read more)

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