Thursday Night Football Ratings Are In…NFL Owners In Full Panic Mode


The NFL is in rough shape. It’s getting sacked by fans who are tired of its disloyal millionaire players disrespecting the national anthem. After unsuccessfully trying to get fans to lock arms during the anthem, the Green Bay Packers also managed to bring in some really bad ratings Thursday night. It’s not a one-time issue, either. Football ratings are in the toilet right now.

As Breitbart reports, CBS got brutal news about ratings for last night’s game that’s going to have them clutching for their wallets in panic. Green Bay beat the Chicago bears convincingly with a 35-14 win.

No players knelt, but they did interlock arms during the anthem. Fans also chanted USA! before the anthem despite being encouraged to also link arms.

The game brought in ratings that were down a full 14 percent from last season’s Thursday Night Football opening game. This is really bad news for football ratings. Plus, last year’s ratings were already down 27 percent from 2015 ratings (thanks Kaepernick). Therefore this season’s game was actually down 40 percent from 2015.


Heading into week four of the season the football ratings have been in the gutter. Sunday Night Football has had its lowest ratings in decades and has been down double digits from 2016.

What do you think about this news? Is the move to boycott the NFL working or is this just a random downturn?

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