Thugs Laugh Hysterically After Killing a 88-yr-old WWII Veteran


Delbert Belton, An 88-year-old World War II veteran named, was brutally killed recently in Spokane, Washington by two teenagers who savagely attacked him.

Unfortunately he lost his life as a result. During his time in the military he served during the Battle of Okinawa and went by the nickname of “Shorty.”

Witnesses reported to the media the two attackers were African-American males.

The police were called to the scene of the crime where they find Belton sitting in his car. Little has been reported on this incident. The original report came from KXLY-TV, however President Obama and the White House administration failed to comment or release any statements on this issue.

However, despite the tragedy the President doesn’t have time to release statements and comment on every violent crime committed in the United States. If he did he would never do anything else. Which is why these crimes usually go largely unnoticed except for local newspapers and news stations that report on them.

Some comments on the article include the following,

“Eric Strand: If you expect the leader of any country to comment on every tragedy, you’ll ALWAYS be disappointed… It’s not humanly possible. Freedom of speech also includes the right to exercise NO COMMENT. And no, I’m not an Obama supporter. Just tired of attack journalism, left or right, liberal or conservative. Do you REALLY think his silence is in any way supportive of this tragedy? If you do, please buy a vowel ASAP!!!

uzanna Lytle: The death penalty should be automatic in any case were elderly vets are targeted I don’t care if the vet is white and the thugs are black or the vet is black and the thugs are white or any racial combination it should carry a mandatory death penalty. bet that will wipe those smiles off their faces.

Bonnie Reynolds: Is this yet another attack we are suppose ignore? Delbert Belton was a war hero. Someone we should all respect and honor. And for them to smile like that shows that they have no remorse. The death penalty is to easy on them. They should be passed from cell to cell and beat everyday of the rest of their life.”

Clearly many are outraged.

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