Thugs Attack His Daughter, So Father Goes Medieval


A Florida man is being hailed as a hero after thwarting an attempt to kidnap his 17-year-old daughter.

The girl was arriving home at the family’s Florida home when she noticed someone had blocked the driveway with barrels.

The insane plot was to force the girl to get out and walk so that the four thugs could kidnap her, while also robbing the family’s house.

These idiots believed the father to be insanely wealthy, and were apparently hoping for a ransom situation.

But the barrels weren’t well place, so the girl simply drove around them.

Around that time, the father heard someone messing with his car, and the motion-detection lights came on in the yard.

So, he rushed down, just as his daughter was pulling up, and fired three shots at the thugs who were getting ready to abduct his little girl.

Oh, yes, he is a gun owner.

Go figure. Violent crime again thwarted by an armed citizen.

Imagine if he hadn’t been armed.

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At any rate, the would-be kidnappers quickly retreated, only to be captured a short time later by police.

Source: New York Post

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