This Woman Knelt Down To Pray For A Man Who Got Caught In An Accident. What Happened Next is MIRACULOUS!


…for I Am the LORD, who heals you. (Exodus 15:26)

Recently, last Wednesday on December 14, a viral photo has been circulating Facebook with over 42,000 shares and 200,000 likes.

The photo isn’t just any ordinary ‘good samaritan deed photo’ but the story behind the photo is miraculous!

As reported from a netizen from the Philippines who witnessed the unfortunate accident, a certain woman dauntlessly walked over the streets and prayed for the man who was laying there thrown away from his motorcycle.

One policeman wanted to get rid of her in the accident scene but she kept on kneeling and praying to God for a miracle of the life of the victim. After praying, she was gone. Seconds later, everyone was shocked when the man who was laying on the streets stood up like nothing happened! He even was still able to get a hold of his motorcycle.

A lot of people later realized the miracle they have just witnessed in that street. A netizen was able to take a photo of this woman kneeling down and holding her hands up in front of the victim of the motorcycle accident.

Netizens gave various reactions about the incident. Many claim that it was the woman’s faith and prayer that caused the man to recover from his accident. But surely, it was Jesus who healed him.

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