This Thief Doesn’t Want Money. You Won’t Guess What He’s Really After…


A thief successfully broke into six restaurants along the same street, but didn’t touch the piles of cash sitting in the registers.

He was after a different prize.

Police were initially baffled after responding to a reported break-in at a popular Tokyo noodle shop.

The shop’s owner had noticed the break-in while preparing for the day’s business. But, he noted, no money was missing.

Instead, the thief had made off with 130 soft-boiled eggs.

Five more restaurants on the same street had likewise had all their eggs stolen.

Either this guy really likes soft-boiled eggs, or he was trying to harm these particular businesses. Because, without those soft-boiled eggs, the noodle shop in question had to shut down for an entire day to replenish its stock.

Corporate sabotage? You be the judge.

Via The Star

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