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This Syrian Baby Lost an Eye to War, and Now Everyone’s Covering Their Eyes in Solidarity


The incredibly bloody civil war in Syria rages on, and sadly is showing few signs of coming to an end anytime soon.

And the heartbreaking reality is that the vast number of those killed, wounded and left homeless by the fighting are innocent civilians, many of whom care little for the causes of the various sides engaged in conflict.

Among those victims are a great many children who have grown up knowing nothing but war and destruction of the worst kind.

CNN reports on one such child whose ordeal is gaining a lot of sympathy abroad:

Karim Abdel Rahman — a Syrian infant who lost his left eye two months ago in an artillery attack — has become a symbol of the carnage and the humanitarian crisis in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta.

Karim’s injury, a consequence of civil unrest that began seven years before he was born, sparked a hashtag social media campaign that has gone viral on Facebook and Twitter, with people — from sports stars to diplomats — posting selfies of themselves covering one eye. The photos have been tagged with #SolidarityWithKarim and #StandWithKarim.

“He and his mother came under an artillery attack in a popular market in Hammuriah, Eastern Ghouta. Karim’s mother was killed in that attack, and Karim sustained severe injuries to his skull,” said the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations, a group that provides humanitarian and medical assistance to “all Syrian victims of war.”

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said it witnessed the October 29 shelling in Hammuriah and in other places in the Damascus suburbs. The group monitored shelling by regime forces in an area of a kindergarten in Kafr Batna that left four children injured. A child died and three other citizens were injured in shelling in Saqba, it reported.

What a lot of folks don’t seem to understand is that all the condemnations, humanitarian aid and acts of solidarity aren’t going to change the situation.

Because most of the groups fighting in Syria – like ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc – don’t care at all what others around the world think of them.

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The only way to truly end this war and help children like Karim is to enter Syria in force and defeat these groups militarily.

Anything less only perpetuates the situation and ensures more children end up like this little boy.

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