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THIS State Just Introduced a Law Allowing Drivers to RUN OVER Liberal Protesters Blocking Roads


Oh man! It is about time!

After a video of pissed-off drivers running right through a liberal human chain blocking a local highway took the Internet by storm, this US state is introducing legislation that would make that kind of response perfectly legal.

A new bill introduced in Tennessee frees drivers who run over road-blocking protesters from any “civil liability,” meaning they can’t later be sued. The bill EASILY passed the state Senate on Friday.

Not only are these protests illegal and enormously disruptive to the flow of life in a city, they are potentially life-threatening to many people.

For instance, last July, Black Lives Matter goons blocked a highway in Memphis, preventing an ambulance from getting to a young child in need of urgent medical care.

After that, drivers in several places in America simply started running through these stupid human chains.

Soon, it will be perfectly legal to do so.

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