This Reporter Wanted Him To Deny Jesus, Watch Bono Set Him Straight … WATCH Closely the Crowd


Bono, US, is one of the most famous singers in the world. His iconic image has been beamed around the globe since his band found fame in 1976.

U2 recently stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote this summer’s Joshua Tree tour, and played a surprisingly worshipful rendition of their classic song, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.”

Educated liberal elite find these sentiments particularly irksome. They can’t believe someone who has created great art REALLY believes in Jesus Christ.

At one point in the song (around the 4:40 mark), Bono announced, “Take you to church, Seleh,” and guest singers began worshipping.

They sang, “He will lift you higher and higher / He will lift you up when you call / He will bring you shelter from the storm,” before Bono returned to the lyrics:

I believe in the Kingdom Come/ Then all the colors will bleed into one/ Bleed into one/ But yes, I’m still running/ You broke the bonds/ And you loosed the chains/ Carried the cross of my shame/ Oh my shame, you know I believe it


Please also check this interview where Bono answers “Who is Jesus?”:

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