This is why Russia seems immune to Coronavirus


The Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic that is spreading wildly in Europe and the world seems to have graced for the moment a country that acts as a bridge between Asia and the Old Continent: Russia.

To date, there have been 20 cases of Covid-19 reported since the infection spread, and of these only three have needed hospitalization. Practically a happy island, indeed, a happy continent given the size of the country.

Merit of the case? Absolutely not. Since the outbreak of the disease began in China, Russia has implemented a series of increasingly stringent but immediately effective and above all timely measures.

Immediately, starting from January 31, the business travels of Russian companies to China were temporarily suspended, while in parallel the first warnings aimed at changing citizens’ habits, such as hugging and kissing, were issued.

On 2 February, rail links with China including the Moscow-Beijing route are suspended, while on 3 the decision is made to temporarily block all travelers from there.

On February 27 tourist travels to Italy, Iran and South Korea are suspended while on the 28th Moscow suspends entry visas for Iranian citizens. At the same time, all travelers from these countries are prevented from entering Russia.

On the 6th Moscow extends the quarantine obligation for anyone arriving from Spain, France, Italy, Germany as well as from China, Iran and South Korea.

Should we close our borders? What do you think?

Article written by Insideover – translate by Google. Sorry for the mistakes.

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