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This is INSANE! School District Prohibits American Children to Bring THIS Patriotic Item in School …


ROSEVILLE, Mich. (WJBK) – Roseville parents received a concerning item listed among the clothing items that are prohibited: the U.S. Flag.

Parents received the letter from the school district this week and began posting to the FOX 2 Facebook page and flooding our inbox with pictures of the dress code. It lists several items as prohibited from tank tops to spandex to pajamas.

The concern, however, lies in the listing farther down that reads ‘U.S. Flag’.

Here’s how it reads on the letter:

A Student’s Dress Should Not Interfere With The Learning Environment.

The Following Are Prohibited:

Tank Tops/Muscle Shirts
Spaghetti Straps
Bare Midriff Tops
Spandex/Underwear As Outerwear
Inappropriate Slogans And Emblems
Sagging Pants
See-Through Clothing
Hats Or Head Gear
U.S. Flag
Low Cut Shirts
Exposed Undergarments

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H/T: Fox 2

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