THIS is How Trump Will Make Mexico PAY For the Border Wall


President Trump confirmed that he’s going to build a wall on the Mexican border. And that he intends to make Mexico pay for it.

In fact, he’s already signed an executive order related to that. And he hasn’t even been in office a full week!

But some are wondering how he’ll actually make Mexico pay.

After all, they aren’t just going to roll over and write and write a check.

Trump admitted that initially, US taxpayers will fund the wall. But all the money will be reimbursed, even if it requires complicated economic maneuvering.

Steve Moore, a former economic advisor to Trump, explained to Fox News what that actually means.

The first way Moore said Trump could make Mexico pay is through a new import tax with a provision that the revenue go toward paying off the wall.

This method has the advantage that Trump can do it through executive order. He wouldn’t even need congressional approval.

And, indeed, just hours after Moore gave his predictions, the Trump White House announced that it was considering a 20 percent import tax on all goods from Mexico.

Another way would be to impose a new border crossing fee. Anyone crossing from Mexico into the US would be required to pay at the border, and those proceeds would fund the wall.

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“That wouldn’t necessarily be a bad way to fund it,” Moore said. “It’s sort of like a user fee. You’re using the border, so therefore you pay for security at the border.”

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