This is how they fight the “White Nazis”? ANTIFA thug Cold-Cocking a Black Trump Supporter!


Is it white supremacy when a white AntiFa thug punches a black Trump supporter?

I know, this may sound as a hard question for liberal media these days.

We have a video to show you but let me give you more info on thise first.

Louder with Crowder reports:

Note that the guy in the video is sitting in a truck bed. About to drive away. That’s when this AntiFa pant-stuffer decides to be the hero.

By cold-cocking a guy who isn’t in a position to fight back. But that’s AntiFa for you: brave cowards simply fighting to fight.

They’re nothing but little man children in need of spankings. Which they avoid by fighting someone who can’t fight back. Even if that happens to be a stationary sign. 


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