This “Illegal Immigration” In-Your-Face Tweet Has The Internet On FIRE


The tweet on “illegal immigration” below has the internet on fire because it demolishes the Democrat’s narrative about the border.

The tweet was sent by Jack Posobiec


Why is the USA considered racist by the left and parts of the world for simply enforcing our borders like every other country in the world does?

Democrats are screaming about children being separated from their illegal alien parents, while ignoring the big picture.

In fact the other day Trump suggested deporting illegals after being caught, without trial or due process of any kind.

Leftist Democrats of course claim that Trump even suggesting deporting illegal immigrants without due process shows he’s a wannabe dictator.

In fact what it really shows is how ignorant Democrats and their followers really are.

There is no question that by law President Donald Trump can deny illegal migrants due process and deport them out of hand.

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