This Cartoons Show Why We Need Trump To Combat Radical Islam


The dangerous bombings this weekend in New Jersey and New York show that Islamic terrorism is more dangerous than ever.

 President Barack Obama, who refuses to confront radical Islamists, have allowed our enemies to commit deadly crimes on American soil. This weekend could have been much worse than it actually was.

Obama doesn’t want to fight ISIS, and Hillary Clinton supports Obama’s foreign policy weakness.

They would rather be “politically correct” than call out the Islamic world for what their followers do. They created ISIS in the first place, by creating the political vacuum in the Middle East, and have only made the problem worse.

But Donald Trump wants to kill the terrorists. This cartoon explains it perfectly:


The choice has never been more clear:


Terrorism is real, and America needs a real leader in the White House who is willing to confront evil. In November, it’s clear which candidate wants to keep America safe.

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