Third Texas Migrant Bus Arrives Near Us Capitol


A third migrant bus arrived in Washington D. C. around 8 a.m. Friday as part of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s efforts to counter federal immigrant policies amid the current border crisis.

Texas began sending an unspecified number of buses en route to Washington DC on April 8, following Gov. Abbott’s statement that Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) officials would be transporting migrants released in Texas communities to the nation’s capital. The White House initially described it as a “publicity stunt,” with many assuming the governor would not follow through. The Friday bus carried approximately 30 migrants.

“What better place for them to go than the steps of the United States Capitol?” Abbott asked “America’s Newsroom” hosts just last week.

The first migrant bus arrived in DC on April 13, with the second bus arriving the next day. Both buses included immigrants from Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia and Nicaragua.

The group spoke with the press in Spanish, and eventually called together a prayer circle not far from where they were dropped off.

Abbott has been highly critical of the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis, stati… (Read more)

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