They’ve figured out Mueller’s net worth and it’s insane!


Robert Mueller Net Worth = $18 million. How is this possible for Director of FBI for approximate 12 years. The website finapp.co.in figured it out Mueller is making bank, with an approximate annual salary of $760,000. Ex-FBI boss James Comey was only earning a salary of $172,000.

From finapp.co.in

Robert Mueller Net Worth is $18 million dollars and earns an annual income of $2 million dollars. The Net Worth of Robert Mueller has seen a hike of 64% over the past few years. Robert Mueller is an American attorney who was the sixth Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The website claims Mueller’s network spiked 64% over the past few years. How is he doing it?

The website cites him owning 4 luxury cars worth $740,000 and $8.4 million on other investments. Our question is, how much did Hillary pay him? Does he have more stashed away under the mattress?

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